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1. Problem, Solved

One of our clients needed to mail legal notices daily. The notices were time-sensitive and required by law. Some notices were returned from the United States Postal Service (USPS) as undeliverable. Our client needed to show that they had taken reasonable measures to deliver them, so the returned mail posed a legal concern.

We worked with our client and the USPS to find a solution that got the maximum number of notices delivered, yet provided evidence that reasonable measures had been taken to make the delivery. We created a program to handle the returned mail efficiently for them.

CGI added an intelligent mail barcode to the notices; this allowed us to receive electronic notification that a letter was undeliverable. With this information, we were able to identify those bad addresses, correct them and update the database. We then mailed a second notice to the intended recipient, informing them that our client had tried to contact them and the notice was returned as undeliverable.

CGI now maintains a database of all notices mailed as well as whether an address was undeliverable. If the address is bad, we keep a record as to why it was undeliverable, the date we attempted to find an updated address, if an updated address was found, and finally, when a second notice was mailed.

This new database provides the legal evidence our client needed to show reasonable measures were taken for notification.
Our client was thrilled with the newly implemented system!

2. Custom Design… Impact!

One of our clients, a healthcare supply company, came to us with a challenge. They needed a product display case that was easily accessible, organized and sturdy for their sales reps to transport packaged surgical supplies to prospective clients. The package needed to present well and meet their branding requirements. The boxes they currently were using were flimsy, hard to access and looked unprofessional.

We designed a custom carrying case made from triple-white E flute corrugate with an inserted plastic handle. The case easily opened from the top to fold out towards the recipient to reveal several shelves which neatly displayed individual cartons of surgical supplies. Our client was impressed with the professional look of the piece.

The box can now be printed and customized with all company graphics and branding. The field salespeople can confidently walk into a physician’s office or hospital setting and display their products quickly, easily and efficiently.

Let Communication Graphics design a sales tool specifically for you. A custom designed package will send a message with your branding that both you and your entire company will be proud of, and more importantly, will make a powerful impact on your clients!

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